10 Habits of Healthy Families


Is your family close? Do you tolerate each other? Or do you actually enjoy each other? Do you love spending time together? Can you laugh with each other?


Every family has its “moments”—but I’m surprised at how many Christian families really don’t cultivate family health. Many have long seasons of distance, anger, division, or fracture. Perhaps we’re too busy. Perhaps we fall into cultural norms, accepting less than God’s best. Perhaps we just fail to assign the right biblical priority or value to family.


I hope this post will compel you to work at, and intentionally cultivate family health.


One of God’s greatest gifts to you is your family. Your family is absolutely your greatest ministry, your highest call, and your most valuable stewardship—next to Jesus Himself!


So what do healthy families get right? As I’ve studied and learned from healthy families over the years, here’s some qualities I see and desire to emulate:


1. Forgive Each Other

2. Celebrate Growth Together

3. Extend Grace to Each Other